Advice On How You Can Reduce The Pain And Swelling Related To Hemorrhoids

While most people don’t like talking about it, millions are looking for advice to deal with the unpleasant condition that is hemorrhoids. The advice in this article can help you prevent and help with your hemorrhoids.

Good hydration is important for anyone who tends to suffer from hemorrhoids. Maintaining your hydration equates to having easier bowel movements. Caffeine and alcohol consumption should be limited.

Ice can help stop pain caused by hemorrhoids. Inflamed hemorrhoids can cause significant pain. An ice pack applied to the area can decrease pain and reduce swelling. Use ice and warm compresses alternately. You can also help the pain and inflammation by alternating between sitting in warm bath water and applying an ice pack.

Go around the block a few times before going to the bathroom if you think you are constipated. Walking will stretch your body out and get your digestion moving again. This will lessen the strain of passing the stool which could further irritate your hemorrhoids. Walk briskly for at least ten minutes.

Even though it is likely hemorrhoids, you should check with your doctor to confirm this. Blood in feces and rectal bleeding may also be a sign of major problems, even cancer. So go ahead and ease your mind and find out exactly what you have by getting it diagnosed by a medical professional. If the diagnosis is hemorrhoids, your physician can provide you with an effective treatment plan.

Eat foods that are high in fiber. More fiber equates to softer stools. Stool softness is important for ease of elimination, and will greatly reduce any pain or discomfort. You can soften your stool with fiber supplementation or including more fiber-rich fruits, vegetables and grains into your diet.

Remain hydrated. If you aren’t properly hydrated, water from your stool will be used. Doing this makes your stool harder, which makes bowel movements very painful. To have the issue of dehydration prevented, drink the advised amount of water each day, and this issue won’t happen as often.

Make sure you shy away from the hot foods, and from caffeine. Consuming these foods can irritate your digestive system and cause your hemorrhoids to worsen. Spicy food in particular can exacerbate your hemorrhoids to levels of burning sensations that you can feel even outside the restroom.

A donut cushion can provide wonderful relief from a painful hemorrhoid flare up. These cushions have a hollowed out center that prevents pressure on hemorrhoids. You sit on this cushion, and you will then be much more comfortable and relaxed than just sitting elsewhere without the added cushioning.

Seat yourself in a tub that has been filled with about 12 inches of warm water with both knees slightly elevated. Soaking the affected area in warm water will help ease the pain and reduce the inflammation. Warm water allows the flow of blood to your hemorrhoids, lessening the pain and swelling. You’ll feel better when you do this often.

You can avoid further injuries to hemorrhoids by pushing them back in your anus. They may easily slip inside if they aren’t too big. This prevents you from rubbing them on your clothing when you sit and keeps them from being injured. If they hurt or are too big, do not try this and risk injury.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great home remedy to treat hemorrhoids. Olive oil has been shown to minimize the itching and swelling brought on by hemorrhoids. Remember to only apply olive oil to external hemorrhoids. Do not use it internally.

This information can prove to be very valuable when dealing with or trying to prevent future flare ups. By implementing these hints and tips and adhering to proven medical standards, you can quickly alleviate the pain and discomfort of your condition.